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W.R.K. , an acronym for Work. Rest. Karma. is the brainchild of Creative Director and designer Matteo Gottardi and brand strategist Maurizio Marchiori. Matteo Gottardi's career in fashion began at NYU's Stern School of Business when he began working at DIESEL and eventually Armani. Inspired by Workwear attire, in 2005 Gottardi began what was to become W.R.K.. Within the next five years he opened stores in the Meat Packing district and directing three brands of his own creation. With W.R.K. , Gottardi marries form and function, purpose and aesthetic, neither of the aspects being compromised. In Gottardi's own words "They are tired of buying into false promises, romanticized ideals and vanity. They are looking for something pure, something everyone can relate to. Not what we should be, but what we are. HUB clothing has been a stockist of W.R.K. since 2013.

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