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Founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman, Red Wing Boots have become nothing short of iconic. For over a century the brand has outfitted American workers with  durable, tough and comfortable footwear. Today Red Wing Heritage boots and shoes are still crafted with skill by craftsman who take the time to make sure each pair lasts and protects like fine tools. Highly trained leather cutters select only the best leathers to cut. The leathers are sewn together on the original puritan sewing machines that Red Wing has used since its inception. Round Toe, also known as a plain toe, is characteristic of the most common type of shoes. Red Wing’s round toe work boots are closely associated with the company and remain almost unchanged since the company began. The name "Moccasin" comes from the Algonquian word for “shoe.” The enduring U-shaped cutout leather upper has become known as moccasin-sewn shoes. Also known as a "moc toe," Red Wing has made shoes with moccasin-toe design since its earliest days. A version of the Round Toe shoe, the Capped Toe shoe has an additional piece of leather attached to the vamp. This was widely used until the 1930s as the precursor to the Steel Toe and keeps the toe protected with a double layer of leather. HUB Clothing has been a stockist of Red Wing Boots and Shoes since Fall/Winter 2013. 

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