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Posted on March 04 2016

What's the best gift you've ever received?
One of the best gifts I ever received was a surprise birthday party my friends and family had coordinated for my twenty-first birthday. They knew, it being so close to Christmas, often is swept under the rug.
What's the best thing you've ever bought yourself?
The best item I’ve ever purchased for myself was my first computer. I’d won my first film festival when I was twelve, and used the winnings to purchase “the new” Mac Mini. It lead to many new opportunities. The best experience I ever purchased was my part of a trip to Greece with my friend, Chris. It was one of the most leisurely and rewarding uses of my money to date.
Favorite piece from HUB?
I own several favorites from HUB. My foremost are the Nudie Lean Dean US Selvage denim, immediately followed, (unbiasedly), by the Naked & Famous X HUB Stacked Guy, Powder Coated collaborate denim- I’ll never own a more comfortable pair of pants. I also fancy the Todd Snyder sewn, Champion jacket, and wear it year round.
Style advice?
My best style tip, is to express oneself through detail. I’m a stickler for details in any genre or industry; but fashion specifically allows one to really let others know what they’re about, when they sport a well-worn pocketbook or favorite pen.
What are you listening to right now?
I obsessively dart around new albums or uproot ones I once admired. Recently I’ve been cruising to “Warm On a Cold Night (Embody Remix),” by HONNE, and “Un Beso,” by Carla Morrison.
Favorite place on earth?
I generally struggle with answering questions of favoritism, however; when it comes to geography, northern Japan will always remain at the top of my list. After high school, I deferred admission to film school and lived in Tokyo. I eventually left and traveled north into the mountains by myself. I’ve never since experienced such a time a great tranquility, otherworldly encounters, and stillness. The land and its foliage is truly larger-than-life.
What do you do? 
I am the creative director for a firm in Phoenix, Royal & Design, started in 2012. My background is in filmmaking. I create films, photos, and design works. I am deeply involved in the community and enjoy organizing events for the benefit of its members. I’ve always thought of myself best described as, an auteur. But who knows, really.
If I weren’t doing what I were now, I’d be doing what I plan to be. It’s all a process which leads from one goal to another. I expect to further my interests in community leadership and technology.
Why Phoenix?
My parents moved to Phoenix when I was young. I’ve traveled many places and have had many opportunities to pursue a career elsewhere. I’ve noticed a change in Phoenix over the last six years that’s piqued my interest and won my heart. It may be big, undefinable, and outdated, but the Phoenicians here with vim and vigor; creating and shaping, will continue to build a better city for us all.
Who inspires you real or imaginary in the way you dress?
It may seem obscure, (hopefully it does), but I was originally inspired by the vibrancy with which George Washington Carver dressed. He was known for breaking the social norm of muted and practical tones, with a strong palette of secondary colors. Studying the art of Piet Mondrian, however, lead to my affixation with primaries and patterns.
What's the difference between fashion and style?
I’ve always thought of fashion as a set of standards set by an industry over its subscribers. Style is an interpretation of that standard
Favorite book?
I mostly read articles, publications, and journals. A few of my favorites are Wolftree, Kinfolk, Time, Vox, and National Geographic.
Your vice?
I take great solace in smoking a heavy English tobacco from my pipe, which I only was introduced to recently. I do this while traveling, or sitting at home in my Eames, sipping whisky and concurrently polishing my Red Wing 6” Heritage boots.
Your spot?
Often, life become frenetic in the valley. It’s not uncommon I’ll take a day trip to Cave Creek and sit at Janey’s Coffeehouse & Bodega to work or enjoy a beer in the company of the small-town characters I grew up around.
Beatles or Stones?
I listen to The Rolling Stones every day except Sunday. Sundays are for The Beetles.
Many people don’t know I can play several brass instruments, and additionally, sing bass in a small parent choir with my father each year. I was a LEGO champion and competed as a North American contest finalist when I was 14. Wether any of that constitutes as talent is beyond my measure.
Favorite word?
I love the words “unequivocal,” “extemporaneous,” and “fuck.” I use them all too frequently.
LA or NYC?
Comparing LA and NYC is like comparing two versions of yourself. One is not necessarily better than the other; but more of what the other is not. I’ve had my time in LA. I have NY on the shelf for some unknown corner of my life yet unchartered.
I lament those who wear tacky track suits and tattered gym gear in public, outside of the gym. It’s inexcusable.
What's the worst trend you've ever followed?
The worst trend I’ve ever followed had to’ve been Steve Madden “boat” shoes. I thought they were classy. I was wrong.
What have you been netflicted by?
Netflicted is a great term. I have been, and remain to be, Netflicted by David Fincher’s "House of Cards.” I can align to Kevin Spacey’s character closer than I can to most non-fictional role models.
______________________ is the new black
Is black not the new black?
Dream Vacation?
Over the last several years, I’ve been able to afford myself the opportunity to visit many places I’d only dreamt of. That isn’t to say the list of unchecked is far greater than the former. I love traveling by myself, and I’ve always imagined taking a motorcycle ride to the southernmost tip of Argentina would be incredibly rewarding.
Most coveted item?
I try not to covet items of insignificance; material or manufactured. I once lost everything and learnt this lesson the hard way. My Italian Greyhound, Chester, recently passed away at eighteen. I once enjoyed watching him run freely through grass fields in Oak Creek, near Sedona. Following his passing, a small piece of dried grass had been placed in my window. It seems silly, but it has become a permanent fixture of my car, and I guard it fiercely.
What gets you up in the morning?
I enjoy the daily ritual of brewing coffee at home. I receive fresh coffee from my friend, Seth Mills, regularly. Each morning, I find some quietness, and take comfort in the process of heating the kettle and pouring a Chemex. I usually listen to boss nova or Gregory Alan Isakov while doing so. I then shower, and face the world in all its chaos.
The one piece in your closet you can't live without?
My ex-girfriend’s mother once bought me a tweed, Hugo Boss jacket for Christmas, despite my insisting she spend her money elsewhere. I admit, I’ve fallen in love with it, and look forward to any occasion in which I get to break it out.
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