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HUB humans | Austin Urton

Posted on February 27 2016

Favorite thing you own from HUB?

“Chapter black jeans”

What's the song you can't stop listening to right now?

“El  VY, “Return to the Moon” It's the guy from The National's new project"

Your favorite place on Earth?

“I haven’t been everywhere”

What annoys you?

“what doesn’t…. you know what ...people who wear earbuds present please”

What do you do?

“I’m a structural engineer”

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing?

“oh god….I’d want to be a set designer for large concerts”

Who inspires you real or imaginary in the way you dress?

“Milan Vukmirovic”

What's your favorite book?

“Any of Flannery O’Connor short stories”

What's your vice? “ice cream”

Beatles or Stones? “stones”

Hidden Talent? “I can sing...I was classically trained’ll never hear me do it“

Favorite Word? “pulchritudinous”

NYC or LA?

“LA….why?...the architecture... not just downtown but all over….Spanish colonial is one of my faves”

You hate when people wear....

“t-shirts of places people have been.. like margaritaville? ... yes like Margaritaville”

What have you been Net-flicted by?

“I’m an 80 year old man… Ms. Fisher’s murder mysteries”

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