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HUB city guide | New York City

Posted on February 11 2016


When we realized the highly recommended La Colombe was just a stone's throw from both the Nudie Jeans showroom and their new NYC concept store in SoHo we made a point to visit the coffee mecca.  The minimalist, loft like design of the SoHo location is accented by a pink neon sign; it felt like HUB. A croissant, a danish and two strong black coffees makes it a must for anyone who needs the pupil-dilating strength of espresso to make till lunch time. 


Assembly New York mixes carefully curated vintage, exclusive designers like Robert Geller, Base Range and Feit with their ever increasingly popular house line. Geometric glass and wooden fixtures holding jewelry, accessories and shoes accent the otherwise all-white discretion of their Ludlow Hotel adjacent Lower East Side location. 

In stark contrast to the lax and homelike aesthetic of the Nudie Jeans House in LA, Nudie's new SoHo flagship store instantly lets you know what the Swedish brand is all about: Jeans. Mannequins with denim made animal heads introduce you to a daunting wall of denim.

The interior of the Rachel Comey store on Crosby St. perfectly encapsulates the designer's eclectic and often retro inspired point of view. Stucco, typically regarded as an 80's, 90's design discard, appears chic when they're surrounding Comey's colorful knitwear, printed dresses and flared denim.


A Williamsburg crossover, Sweet Chick, is what we often call, "gettin' dirty". Pair craft cocktails like the spicy, habanero infused lonesome god with gruyere macaroni and cheese, a pot-pie or The General an amalgamation of general tso's chicken and chicken n' waffles. Sweet Chick is the perfect antecedent or coda for a night of revelry. 


"this place will f*ck you up". Tucked away in a basement on Rivingston St., Nitecap, serves serious cocktails. In contrast to the 8 page cocktail menu is a 40 person capacity lounge illuminated by candles and a sole disco ball, soundtracked by disco and any cognizance time and space are suspended. 

The Ludlow Hotel is too cool. We tried to dine at their restaurant Dirty French, but without a reservation it wasn't happening. Settling for a drink at the bar of the hotel didn't feel like settling at all. Vintage leather couches, Keith Haring style prints and geometric lighting from Apparatus studios, ceiling hung Marshall Amps culminated in to a feeling of this is where we were supposed to end up. 





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