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Transformable: Introducing Shaina Mote

Posted on February 02 2016


Based in Los Angeles, Shaina Mote, eponymously named after it's creator has quickly become the must have line for the "in the know" since its 2012 inception. Her collections amalgamate concepts that are sweeping the women's fashion. The idea of minimalism is just one tier. Mote's pieces are often modular in nature, being able to be worn different ways, giving them a sustainable quality. 

"By giving new options to the wearer, such as; a new way to tie, a reversible quality, etc., the hope is to increase the ways the wear the pieces over time and encourage less waste on the whole"

Her Spring/Summer 2016 collection marries architectural and transformable elements with durable plant based  fibers. The structured bodice of the Arp Dress is attached to a skirt that worn one way drapes elegantly and worn another, wraps to mimic the shape of shirt or flannel tied around ones waist. 

Shaina Mote was recently profiled on as a rising talent. 

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