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Posted on December 11 2015


What was the best gift you've ever received?
A kitana sword, my girlfriend at the time got it for me ... you know every cut has a meaning
What the best gift you've ever bought for yourself?
a study with a Shaman, that was the best gift I've gotten myself
Favorite thing you own from HUB?
A black lace Shakuhachi dress, it was from one of their first seasons

Annetta Luce in Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Military Jacket, Leather Pants from HUB

What's the song you can't stop listening to right now?
Jessie Ware "Running"
Your favorite place on Earth?
Dondra,  Sri Lanka
What annoys you?
Not being present
Why Phoenix?
the shamanic path that I’m on, Arizona is the hub
Who inspires you real or imaginary in the way you dress?
the surrealists
what's your favorite book?
Paul Bowles, 'The Sheltering Sky' I was taken with his writing......
Oh Wait!... I've actually met him .....him and his Tangier
Worst trend you ever followed?
pyramidal perm haircuts in the 80’s
Your Netflix recommendation?
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