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There's Nothing New About the New Nudie Fit

Posted on September 15 2015

After seeing all the runway presentations at the beginning of the year showing flared, bootcut, wide trouser style pants and denim we knew it was only a matter of time before this 70's and early 00's staple would makes its way back to our racks and collection of denim.  Sure enough it was Nudie Jeans co. With their Fall Winter 2015 collection comes Boot Ben, the first real nod to the bootcut we've seen. Boot Ben is unabashedly retro, a super high rise, tight fit and the most handsome yet subtle flare.
The new flared fit fits perfectly along the already nostalgic roster of Nudie Jeans. In true Nudie fashion, the jeans are meant to be worn by anyone, man or woman. Boot Ben is Lindsay Buckingham or Mick Jagger on the male wearer and makes the female, the newest member of the Runaways, 40 years late. 
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