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Posted on July 20 2015

There's a reason everyone and their entourage should own a leather jacket, a pair of chelsea boots and black jeans. You're only as good as who you're surrounded by. These bands defined squad goals. 

beatles abbey road best dressed band of all time

The Beatles 

The Beatles are an endless source of style that's been referenced over and over. Their perfectly tailored suits when they took over the U.S. The eponymous style of boot they inspired. (The Beatle Boot, a tight fitting variation of the chelsea boot). As their music evolved so did their style cues. Going from tapered slacks to flared denim. The 'Abbey Road' cover couldn't be more relevant. George Harrison's denim on denim. Paul McCartney and Ringo Star's perfectly relaxed suits. John leading them across the street in a monochromatic all white suit and shirt, paired with white sneakers.

the byrds best dressed bands of all time

The Byrds 

In a time of paisley prints and extreme color The Byrds managed to get away with the complete opposite what every other band and artist was doing. They kept it simple. Darker slim denim, black boots, black, white or neutral colored shirts and jackets.


the rolling stones best dressed bands of all time hub clothing

The Rolling Stones 

Keith Richard's signature paisley scarves, Mick Jagger's studded leather cummerbund and the list is endless. The Rolling Stones have been and will always be fearless; outrageous colors, prints and the tightest pants you could ever find. They borrowed from the British tradition of Dandyism to create a look that would make them stand out and make it known they were the Dorian Grey's of Rock. 


hub clothing best dressed bands velvet underground black on black

The Velvet Undergound

The house band of Andy Warhol's Factory, The Velvet Underground encapsulated the era and New York City in the sixties. They basically canonized the black and white striped tee into a clothing essential. Another Velvet Underground staple was adopting Warhol's own dark black sunglasses and monochromatic black on black approach to dress.


the runaways best dressed bands fashion denim jeans hub

The Runaways

The 70's rock super group that was The Runaways is the epitome of all-female squad goals. When members like Joan Jett and Lita Ford weren't in glam rock jumpsuits, lingerie and knee high platforms they were borrowing from the boys, in their tight jeans, self promoting band tee and sneakers. 

 fleetwood mac style fashion jeans bohemian hub

Fleetwood Mac

Where other bands made it a point to match and have some type of uniform, Fleetwood Mac had five members with five distinctive styles of dress. In the beginning 6'6" Mick Fleetwood was broke and wanted a costume that would make him stick out from the back of the drum kit, so he started wearing his high school fencing uniform. The knickerbockers and waistcoat on the cover of Rumours would eventually be the look that he's been known for and he's worn a version of it ever since. Lindsey Buckingham always wore denim on bottom, but up top he was bare-chested in kimonos and wide open westerns. The McVie's were the opposite of the Buckingham-Nicks; bassist John kept it simple, blue jeans and baseball caps. Christine McVie kept it classic and understated compared to Stevie Nicks. Stevie's prairie-goth-gypsy-aesthetic is iconic at this point. It's been referenced over and over again by designers and magazines. 


blondie fashion style womens jeans leather jacket


Blondie set the precedent and standard for every female fronted band that would come later. No Doubt, Garbage, The Sounds, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Front woman Debbie Harry was a peacock and the band knew that if they were going to make it they had to put their best asset at the forefront of the audience. In the beginning the entire band was clad in the New York punk regalia of the 70's. Black tight jeans, black leather jackets and ratty white t-shirts. But as the band evolved and their focus went from punk to disco and hip hop, Harry went for punk Marilyn Monroe in tight and short black and white dresses and the band in minimalist black and white suiting. 


ramones leather jackets fashion jeans punk hub

The Ramones

The black leather motorcycle jackets, the short tight t-shirts, the destroyed tight blue jeans and the converse chuck taylor high tops. The uniform for The Ramones was simple and easy to adopt. 

hub clothing run dmc fashion menswear street

Run D.M.C. 

When rap was in its infancy, Run D.M.C. became a household name. The black hats, D.M.C.'s giant shades, the thick gold chains and the head to toe Adidas became a staple and solidified Hip-Hops relationship with sportswear. 

the kills best dressed bands hub clothing jeans jackets

The Kills

There's no band from the last decade more fawned over by the fashion sphere than The Kills. Members Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince have starred in ad campaigns for J. Lindeberg and Equipement; Hince is married to super model Kate Moss.There are hints of the duo's influences; Black and white striped tees from the Velvet Underground, Factory Girl Edie Sedgwick's leopard prints, Keith Richards' scarves. Just like their music they've managed to curate only the best of Rock. It's an effortless cool that comes from knowing everything that's happened before them. 

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