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Posted on July 12 2015

tame impala currents 2015 new album review

Currents is like stepping into a hazy and cloudy 70's fever dream. After months of absorbing every nuance of the four previously released singles 'Let it Happen', ''Cause I'm a Man', 'Eventually' and 'Disciples', there were still questions for Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker to answer. Namely, is it possible to compose an entire album that balances the obvious nostalgia that Parker is referencing with modern recording techniques and a crisp yet original perspective?

The 10-minute long opus that is 'Let it Happen' opens up the album. Despite being released months ago and its daunting breadth, it still "crispy". Like a vintage polyester suit that's been freshly dry cleaned, 

The musical themes and motifs on Currents aren't new, they're obviously borrowed. Song after song, Parker's points of reference are easily pin pointed. 

What's new are the dichotomies that Parker creates. The signature lo-fi vocal recording style against very forward instrumentals that you hear through out Currents. He sounds distant and dreamlike but the phasers, the finger snaps, the guitar riffs, the perfect drum rolls are all at the forefront. 19 minutes into the album, Eventually contains what is undoubtedly the best recorded finger snap of all time.

Where Daft Punk's Random Access Memories was more "on the nose" of the era, Parker manages to curate the melodies and sounds of the 70's into a more sophisticated and thought provoking package. Parallel to the sphere of fashion, what Hedi Slimane has done for Saint Laurent and Alessandro Michele is now doing for Gucci, Parker is doing the same by reappropriating the era sonically. 

Even the album title speaks volumes. Currents, brings to mind waves of water and the aloof 70's California surfer who's life Parker is soundtracking. It also brings to mind sound waves; the electronic currents. But mostly Currents, what is new and noteworthy and what isn't. The perfect flow of Currents will be making waves for quite a while. 


- Peter Lora, HUB Clothing

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