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maria black jewelry

Posted on January 10 2015


Danish-Irish designer Maria Black launched her first collection MBJ in 2010 built on ambition and passion for precious metals with a fashion-forward approach to conceptual jewellery design. Maria was born in Copenhagen with a life-defining curiosity of world cultures that led her to travels from across Europe to Brazil and India. Her desire to create was sparked from the inspiration and beauty she found, leading her to discover and pursue her natural talent for jewellery design.

4 years of apprenticeship in London and Copenhagen culminated in a Goldsmith degree; in 2009 Maria graduated with highest honours. As a crowning moment of her academic studies, Maria won a design grant and received personal recognition from HRH Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. From her London studio Maria created the MBJ eponymous collection letting her Nordic roots translate into classic, understated, sleek lines combined with edgy, sexy and dramatic shapes and elements perceived on her travels where she had studied the cultural elements of body adornment.


MARIA BLACK JEWELLERY is founded on a pure, uncluttered idea of creating precious metal pieces. Similar to the production process of fashion apparel, each collection is initiated and interpreted by designed “fabrics” of precious metals defining and linking the collections. Maria’s challenging approach to the usual way of wearing jewellery has become a significant trade mark.

The signature concept of MARIA BLACK JEWELLERY is the creation of interchangeable pieces that can be mixed and matched through collections, allowing a synergetic versatility in the individual expression. With the body as canvas the Maria Black-effect is akin to a kaleidoscope, where two halves makes a whole, triangles appear in triplicate skinny rings and stacking makes delicate ornaments strong statements. Creating ear rings to be worn reverse, rings in playful sizes to embellish the entire hand, along with bracelets and arm rings to stand alone or unified - Maria’s creations are completed by the interpretation and imagination of the beholder.

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