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staff selects - holiday 2014 - jesse

Posted on December 18 2014

staff selects - holiday 2014 - jesse 

1. Ryan McGinley Life Adjustment Center photos of tasteful nudes
“it’s not a self help book, arguably my favorite photographer right now”
2. Imogene + Willie X Apothia Candle
“in between trends, part heritage, part street style, anyone can wear it”
4. Macallan Special edition stereo console
“love that it’s made by a renowned whiskey maker, whiskey + records + design = yes”
5. Aesop Resurrection Duet
“ I cannot not buy it”
6. Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boots
“ I don’t like to be committed to any one aesthetic , but these are my go to heritage boot, the silver hardware makes it”


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