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Posted on May 04 2016

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Photo you wish you’d taken?

"I was in this small Pennsylvania town, in a train station and there was this older man in a fedora, and there was a streak of light that shone on him ... I really wish I took that photo"

If you could teach anything to kids  in school what would it be?

"How to not listen to anyone, to ask questions, think for yourself and ask questions"


Favorite beverage? "Champagne"

Favorite cocktail? "Champagne"

Favorite TV show of all Time?  "Cougar town, its absolutely a guilty pleasure"

What was the best gift you've ever received?  "My first camera, it was my Mom’s"

What the best thing you've ever bought for yourself?

"My house … " [that’s a good grown up one]

What's your best style tip?   "Keep it simple"

What's the song you can't stop listening to right now?

"Honestly I can listen to Mazzy star forever and always"

Your favorite place on Earth?  "Lake Cuomo"

What annoys you? "When people smack their lips when they eat"

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing?

"I’d be a baker or a florist"

Why Phoenix?

"Cause my home and my family, if not for them, I’d probably be in Boston, somewhere near the ocean"

What's your favorite book?

"The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath and Valley of The Dolls"


Favorite Word?  "Eesome, it essentially means beauty, appealing to the eye"

You hate when people wear "heels and don’t know how to walk in them"

Worst trend you ever followed?

"I was a Roxy surfer girl in middle school, after that I gave up on trends"

Documentary recommendation?

"Jiro Dream of Sushi, when I watched that.....2 minutes in I had to get my notebook and pen and write down all the quotes"

"White is the new black. People are so intimidated by it ....but it’s not just wedding dresses.... it’s become unpure"

What gets you up in the morning?

"Coffee, Deving brings me it in the morning, if I have an amazing shoot like ours then I can’t sleep"

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