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HUB humans | Katie Flanigan

Posted on March 12 2016

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What the best thing you've ever bought for yourself?

a three week vacation to Thailand. 

Favorite thing you own from HUB?

black boot cut denim by frame. 

What's your best style tip? keep it simple. 

What's the song you can't stop listening to right now? The Kills 'Doing it to Death' 

Your favorite place on Earth?

In bed with my boyfriend & our two kitties, mojo & phoebe.

What annoys you? extremists 

what do you do? I own an organic cold pressed juice company called Juice Core. 

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing?

I would probably be traveling the world teaching yoga and modeling. 

Who inspires you real or imaginary in the way you dress? I find inspiration everywhere. Music, movies, a person standing in front of me in the grocery store line, social media, & I'll always be a 90's baby. 

What's your favorite book? The Celestine Prophecy 

Beatles or Stones? don't make me choose.  


Worst trend you ever followed? When I was in high school I used to wear absurd amounts of eyeliner. Why did my mom let me out of the house? I've now given up eyeliner completely... except for an occasional cat eye. 

What have you been Netflicted by? How to make a murderer. Chelsea Does. 

_____________ is the new black. let's be real, black is always best. 

Dream vacation? I have the urge to backpack through Central America right now. 

Most coveted item? Peppermint bert's bees.



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